Pia is a multi-functional seat that constantly suprises. It has three removable covers with various functions which allow fun and educational challenges for the kids. The core consists of nine pillows for the children to use as seat cushions, or spread over the floor for play. The cushions are in two different colours and has an anti-slip material on one side.

The nine pads fit into a cover with practical zipper opening. Then there are two covers, one with large buttons and one with lacing. Zipper, buttons and lace is something the children know well from their clothes. By adding such properties to a piece of furniture children will have an excellent exercise tool for coping with the various closing and opening mechanisms. In addition, children will develop a more personal relation to the piece in the "dressing" of Pia, and furthermore become more aware of the objects of the objects they have around them.

Pia is made of polyurethanfoam pillows.